HR Foam


  • High quality foam, and Great for everyday use. 
  • Heavy weight foam with long life expectancy. 
  • Varying densities offer soft, medium and firm options. 

Recommended uses include: home furniture, automotive, boats, beds, RV's...

Nimbus Foam


  • Economical foam for light use. Available in soft, medium and firm densities. 

  • Recommended uses include: boats, patio furniture, RV's, camping pads...

Gray Foam


  • Heavy-duty 
  • Super firm
  • Economical foam. 

Recommended uses include: ATV off-road vehicles, acoustic sound rooms,  boats, gun cases. Also great for DIY projects. 

Cut to Size

We stock standard size foam sheets. HR and Nimbus foam sheets are 

24x96 inches by incremental thicknesses. Gray foam sheets are 24x82 inches by incremental thicknesses. 

We have the machinery to cut and shape any size foam for your project.